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If you wish to experience the Shooting Range in person and/or meet some of the Club Members and


Committee Members simply check the Calendar of Events for a date to ensure there is an event on.



As a rough guide there are events on at Trenayr Rd Range most months with



 SSAA Benchrest on the first and fifth Sundays - 9am through Noon and



 SSAA Shotgun on the third Sunday - 9am through Noon.  



Clarence Valley Small Bore Rifle Club     on  most Sundays from 1pm.  Secretary -   Lee-Anne   0429 476 451



At Grafton Pistol Club - Old Lilypool Rd Range, South Grafton there are Rifle Benchrest events on most Saturday Mornings -9am through approximatly 12 Noon.

The   Secretary                  Chris

SSAA   Grafton Inc.            M.    0409 243 130

PO  Box  1337                      Ph. 02 6649 5000

Grafton  NSW   2460

Now on FACEBOOK  Ssaa Grafton

SSAA Grafton

Secretary -  Chris  - 0409 243 130   0266 495000

     [email protected]

See Main SSAA Calender for CVSBRC Events




Clarence Valley Small Bore Rifle Club  (SSAA)

Secretary -    Lee-Anne   0429 476 451

Range - 434 Trenayr Rd Junction Hill

Shoot most every Sunday from 1pm




Grafton Clay Club    (SSAA)

Secretary - Russ   0407 257 326      [email protected]

Range - 604 Lawrence Rd Grafton

Main Comp Day - Saturday





Grafton Pistol Club   (SSAA)

Secretary -     [email protected]

Range - Lilypool Rd Sth Grafton

Most every Saturday morning 9am for either .22 rimfire, .310 Cadet, Centre fire, Air rifleand Black Powder.




Woolgoolga Pistol and Rifle Club

Secretary:         [email protected]

Jump Up Rd Woolgoolga

Shoot alternating Saturday & Sunday each week.





Clarence River Pistol Club

Secretary - Ian    66453569     [email protected]

Range - 434 Trenayr Rd Junction Hill

Pistol and Back Powder  -

9 am - 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month




Grafton Rifle Club   (NRA)

Range - 434 Trenayr Rd Junction Hill

Secretary - Allan.  0427 610 290      [email protected]

Range - 434 Trenayr Rd Junction Hill        Events every Saturday- all day




Yamba Clay Target Club  (ACTA)

President - Brendon - 0407 519 879  

Palmer Island

Third Sundays- Tower, Skeet & Down the Line.   Christmas Shoot.

Visit & shoot but will need to become an ACTA member.




Clarence Valley Hunting Club   (Federation of Hunting Clubs.)

President: –    Daniel  - 0427 245 115. [email protected]  

‘R’ Licence & Firearms Assessor

Secretary -    Kelly -  [email protected]  PO Box 4123 Lawrence NSW 2460

    (Facebook - Clarence Valley Hunting Club)

Meetings -Lawrence Tavern – First Monday of every month 5.30pm.

                    Raffles, Cooking & Butchering displays,


                Firearms Safety Tests and 'R' Licence tests.





(or 31 May at least)