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If you wish to experience the Shooting Range in person and/or meet some of the Club Members and


Committee Members simply check the Calendar of Events for a date to ensure there is an event on.



As a rough guide there are events on at Trenayr Rd Range most months with



 SSAA Benchrest on the first and fifth Sundays - 9am through Noon and



 SSAA Shotgun on the third Sunday - 9am through Noon.  



Clarence Valley Small Bore Rifle Club     on  most Sundays from 1pm.  Secretary -   Lee-Anne   0429 476 451



At Grafton Pistol Club - Old Lilypool Rd Range, South Grafton there are Rifle Benchrest events on most Saturday Mornings -9am through approximatly 12 Noon.

The   Secretary                  Chris

SSAA   Grafton Inc.            M.    0409 243 130

PO  Box  1337                      

Grafton  NSW   2460

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SSAA Grafton

Secretary -  Chris  - 0409 243 130  

     [email protected]

See Main SSAA Calender for CVSBRC Events




Clarence Valley Small Bore Rifle Club  (SSAA)

Secretary -    Lee-Anne   0429 476 451

Range - 434 Trenayr Rd Junction Hill

Shoot most every Sunday from 1pm




Grafton Clay Club    (SSAA)

Secretary - Russ   0407 257 326      [email protected]

Range - 604 Lawrence Rd Grafton

Main Comp Day - Saturday





Grafton Pistol Club   (SSAA)

Secretary -     [email protected]

Range - Lilypool Rd Sth Grafton

Most every Saturday morning 9am for either .22 rimfire, .310 Cadet, Centre fire, Air rifleand Black Powder.




Woolgoolga Pistol and Rifle Club

Secretary:         [email protected]

Jump Up Rd Woolgoolga

Shoot alternating Saturday & Sunday each week.





Clarence River Pistol Club

Secretary - Ian    66453569     [email protected]

Range - 434 Trenayr Rd Junction Hill

Pistol and Back Powder  -

9 am - 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month




Grafton Rifle Club   (NRA)

Range - 434 Trenayr Rd Junction Hill

Secretary - Allan.  0427 610 290      [email protected]

Range - 434 Trenayr Rd Junction Hill        Events every Saturday- all day




Yamba Clay Target Club  (ACTA)

President - Brendon - 0407 519 879  

Palmer Island

Third Sundays- Tower, Skeet & Down the Line.   Christmas Shoot.

Visit & shoot but will need to become an ACTA member.




Clarence Valley Hunting Club   (Federation of Hunting Clubs.)

President: –    Daniel  - 0427 245 115. [email protected]  

‘R’ Licence & Firearms Assessor

Secretary -    Kelly -  [email protected]  PO Box 4123 Lawrence NSW 2460

    (Facebook - Clarence Valley Hunting Club)

Meetings -Lawrence Tavern – First Monday of every month 5.30pm.

                    Raffles, Cooking & Butchering displays,


                Firearms Safety Tests and 'R' Licence tests.